Every LaMelo Ball Assist (So Far)
B/R Betting Group Chat Show
23 ditë më parë
LeBron, AD and Luka Put On A Show
Semi Vola
Semi Vola 21 orë më parë
Thats normal shit for curry.
America The Free
America The Free 21 orë më parë
More details are coming out. Storming Capitol Hill was a tactical sting operation by members of a U.S military branch. A few military members were able to blend in and seize various electronics from key house members office during the debacle. Incriminating amounts of information will be released very soon. Anyone want to wager? Barkley??
D G 21 orë më parë
Kobe possessed him
Evan Thompson
Evan Thompson 21 orë më parë
The dude playing like this his third year. Playing like he’s a household name.
DTOM MERICA 21 orë më parë
Spoiler the next 2 seasons 13-3 each year
Obi Wan Kenobi Fan
Obi Wan Kenobi Fan 21 orë më parë
Dat ending tho
mohammad amir
mohammad amir 21 orë më parë
Why always green?he need medicine or join ufc.
Cwasont Mon
Cwasont Mon 21 orë më parë
Georgetown silently crying in the corner
Lynette Dent Tripplett
Lynette Dent Tripplett 21 orë më parë
If they took SS blacks may have felt going to the Capitol. Yes then it was said.
daniel colombo
daniel colombo 21 orë më parë
To be clear... He looked at the hoop, shot it, then turned around after the ball was released. This would be cute in practice... It's disrespectful to the opposing team in a game.
Jokic DaGoat
Jokic DaGoat 21 orë më parë
W response
America The Free
America The Free 21 orë më parë
Here's another example why the NBA is failing in ratings.
marsianjm 21 orë më parë
LeChinas B!+(#
Anonymous Citizen
Anonymous Citizen 21 orë më parë
This should be renamed “The world’s best dunks of all time”
Michael McLeary
Michael McLeary 21 orë më parë
The first time I've heard some really intelligent statements from sports commentators!
Dawson Olmsted
Dawson Olmsted 21 orë më parë
Subtle reference to the F bomb being dropped on Nickelodeon 😂 well done
Paul M
Paul M 21 orë më parë
Look now fellas. If you’re going to riot and break the law you better be blm or antifa. It’s illegal otherwise
yehzuritsme 21 orë më parë
Got that horror music to go with it. Wow nba is good at floppin’ in politics too
StormBorn88s 21 orë më parë
Welcome to H-Town Victor Oladipo been a fan for years it'll be gr8 seeing you in a Rockets uniform !!
StormBorn88s 21 orë më parë
Welcome to H-Town Victor Oladipo been a fan for years it'll be gr8 seeing you in a Rockets uniform !!
Kyle Phelps
Kyle Phelps 21 orë më parë
Get your facts straight. It was Antifa dressed up...facial recognition proved that, plus the cops just let them in. It was staged to make Trump supporters look bad. I guess they missed the videos of trump supporters were actually trying to stop them!!!!!
Derek Virissimo
Derek Virissimo 21 orë më parë
Hell of a shot kid. 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
KattSplosion 21 orë më parë
You can't even just walk into daycare to get you're own child, Yet you can walk right into capital hill and sit in Nancy Pelosi's seat with your feet up on the desk. Make that make since!
DatsMy Tv
DatsMy Tv 21 orë më parë
when lebron had good highlights.. Bandwagons : wow lebrons still had an easy time in the west lebrons multiple bad nights Bandwagons : He NEEDS HELP.
james kamara
james kamara 21 orë më parë
Zippermann Joshua
Zippermann Joshua 21 orë më parë
Didn't kd said everyone's just acting tough, no one really trying to fight in the NBA
TomPrefontaine 21 orë më parë
what a loser, just tries too hard, I'm surprised he didn't break down and cry after it change his name to lecry
Jon Martinez
Jon Martinez 21 orë më parë
We can end so much racism in less then a month ... Just stop buying the whites mans products. As long as we keep buying there products racism will never end. Why would it. U give them the power when u give them your hard earned money never forget that.
Cap'n Obvious
Cap'n Obvious 21 orë më parë
When the NBA becomes the NHL
Melvin Shadrick
Melvin Shadrick 21 orë më parë
"I want to see 25-30 Years" Shaq💯✊🏿
rogy rabbit
rogy rabbit 21 orë më parë
Shaq is Right ....
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez 21 orë më parë
Codey Parkey at the end LMFAO!
Ralph Albert Caraan
Ralph Albert Caraan 22 orë më parë
2k dunk attribute: -10
Christian Salas
Christian Salas 22 orë më parë
Only did it to the rockets when they are at there lowest point could do that any other time
Windandsun 22 orë më parë
Trump attempted to overturn by insurrectional violence a democratically held election. Lock him up and give Obama the key.
ebon B
ebon B 22 orë më parë
wtf is that play?! man that's so lit! Smartest play ever!
Michael Geronimo
Michael Geronimo 22 orë më parë
Dam every body want to be like steph
FF NEJI 22 orë më parë
Tapoha o papel do mundo todo deve ter vindo desse mlk
Nick Jim-Lawson
Nick Jim-Lawson 22 orë më parë
I fw both these dude. But boogie would mop kief azz no cap. Morris got go but boogie different
Nicolas Quijandria
Nicolas Quijandria 22 orë më parë
He made Harden leave the Rockets with that play!!!
La redonda San Luis Potosi
La redonda San Luis Potosi 22 orë më parë
Listen to charles Barkley he knows
Kitami Woome
Kitami Woome 22 orë më parë
Why they call this "no look"?? He looked at the hoop when he took the shot.
Kola Alade
Kola Alade 22 orë më parë
Kyrie already disapproved of the deal. This is going to be a war.
Marina Martinez
Marina Martinez 22 orë më parë
I don't think there's anything funny about what happened. I watched it all play out live and was astounded, but it goes back to Trump and he is TOXIC. Don't let race make you toxic too.
M Hightower
M Hightower 22 orë më parë
Lebron wishes he was Steph Curry
GameReaperKing 22 orë më parë
STFU. It's funny how these clowns could call them terrorists, but when antifa and blm destroyed, vandalized, and burned down building it was okay. No one is talking about, but when we finally had enough with the corruption and stormed the Capital oh it's wrong. Well that is a double standard, or better yet a double edge blade 🤔
Ju Ju
Ju Ju 22 orë më parë
Charles you need to educate yourself in politics and how the right has hamstrung the left since Obama. Anything Democrats have asked for along with compromise has been denied. The legal right to select a supreme court Justice rejected and when an Icon like Justice RBG Dies they cram they're right wing selection down our throat before her body's even cold. This is why it was so important to take the senate. You're still brain washed with rightwing talking points.
Slime 2 Shiesty
Slime 2 Shiesty 22 orë më parë
Morris need to chill he not even a type of player that can afford to be fighting they would kick him out the nba quick and not remember 😭😭💯
Slime 2 Shiesty
Slime 2 Shiesty 22 orë më parë
They way he pushed him look like it was hard asf but boogie barely moved 🤣🤣
Slime 2 Shiesty
Slime 2 Shiesty 22 orë më parë
Nobody gonna talk about harrell sportsman ship got Morris back cool
j S
j S 22 orë më parë
Folks ...This was the moment james harden knew he needed to get traded
Richard Martinez
Richard Martinez 22 orë më parë
Shaq voted for trump now he woundering why that happen bro really
Michael Ritete Ritete
Michael Ritete Ritete 22 orë më parë
25.30 years, nah,not going to happen, you know what's going to happen, privilege, that's what going to happen, a. Malaria slap the hand,
TiltBrook 22 orë më parë
There is only one banner at Staples Center with all five Minneapolis titles displayed on it. All the while, LA championships have their own individual banner. If the Laker franchise has 17 championships, they should have 17 banners!
Cody. 22 orë më parë
So cool. Wow
Nice Shot
Nice Shot 22 orë më parë
He looked dead at the rim..I don't get it.
Ixo Family
Ixo Family 22 orë më parë
By far one of the realest moments in NBA history. Deff will be in the history books lol. Then I love the bond with the team that he has
j cain
j cain 22 orë më parë
Friar Kevin may be the "Apex" Durant
MeB 777
MeB 777 22 orë më parë
25 to 30 yrs! Ha! Wait for it! They got rewarded the first time and no punishment this time. Other countries are laughing and plotting. 🤦🏽‍♀️
R. M.
R. M. 22 orë më parë
James Soften
MrMikeyprats 22 orë më parë
There is white privilege black privilege brown privilege just like NBA players that can walk all over the people who pay there salaries and get away with murder and u talking about privileged plz donate to the hood and then I can rule u out of being privileged
Matt B
Matt B 22 orë më parë
He shot it than turned around that’s not a no look shot
J Walk
J Walk 22 orë më parë
So where is Ernie...
MrMikeyprats 22 orë më parë
Kenny Smith u don't have a clue about shit the vote was stolen your own people blm killed there own people and u are telling me they were fighting for there lives
seancey stephens
seancey stephens 22 orë më parë
Imagine if this was on Nickelodeon
Tee Will
Tee Will 22 orë më parë
This is so unreal..
eric choi
eric choi 22 orë më parë
Plot twist Steph joins lakers and Lebron
Unbiased Talk With Mr. Mane
Unbiased Talk With Mr. Mane 22 orë më parë
any one who ever dunked for a while knows how bad it can make your wrist hurt. i would not dunk either.
Kevin Carey
Kevin Carey 22 orë më parë
Hell, black women’s hair care products isle, at Walmart and Walgreens have more security than the capital.-- Not last summer they didn't during Burn baby Burn riots
eric choi
eric choi 22 orë më parë
Steph made it cool
Alvaro SC
Alvaro SC 22 orë më parë
Everybody talking about the reaction of all the guys on the bench jumping and running, but man, look at Marc Gasol. He’s just sitting there like: nah this guy is crazy
Andy See
Andy See 22 orë më parë
Does Patrick Mahomes have a somewhat raspy voice in real life? I can only assume that exaggerating the quirk of his real voice is why he sounds like Grenda from Gravity Falls.
chinedu keshi
chinedu keshi 22 orë më parë
Steph's midcourt three was and still is the most iconic of all.
Mehmet Aslan
Mehmet Aslan 22 orë më parë
Danilo Diaz
Danilo Diaz 22 orë më parë
“My teammate..” 😂
Aceofspades928 22 orë më parë
James Harden after LeBron makes shot Harden: I'm taking my talents to Brooklyn
MISSLOVELYREE 22 orë më parë
Eminem wanna say something now to that deranged trump
Scott Carpenter
Scott Carpenter 23 orë më parë
Nothing but BS.
Mr73chally 23 orë më parë
Wait a minute. Didn't most of those rioters last summer get bailed out. Charles is right. The Politicians have divided this country every since Trump got elected. Their agenda was not to accept the outcome of the elect and to demonized him, his staff and his voters. Just ask those who called for his assignation along with Maxine (James Brown) Watters who called for violence. They hated him more than they love this country.
Nick Coggiola
Nick Coggiola 23 orë më parë
Allen has pocket aces 😂